Friday, March 4, 2011

CME sip phone registration how to


The configuration below is running on CME and it was tested with X-lite sip phone.

voice service voip
   allow-connections sip to sip //Allows SIP phones to call other SIP phones
   registrar server

voice register global
    mode cme
    source-address port 5060 //cme ip and default sip port
    authenticate register
    tftp-path flash:
    create profile

voice register dn  1
    number 4001
    name SIPtest

voice register pool  1
    id mac 000A.E4C4.E777 //phone mac
    number 1 dn 1
    username 4001 password test //sip username and password
    codec g711ulaw

X-lite phone configuration is below. Pay attention that authentication username and registration number must be the same, eg 4001.

Debug commands i used on router are:
debug voice register events and debug voice register errors

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